How to use Capital DEX on Curio Parachain

This guide shows you how to use Capital DEX application on Curio Parachain.
Go to You need to install and create a Polkadot wallet to interact with Capital DEX on Curio Parachain (see the guide "How to create and connect the wallet to Curio Parachain").

1. Connect the wallet and select a wallet provider (e.g. Polkadot{.js} )

2. Choose the account which you wish to use on Capital DEX

3. Use swaps and pools on the Capital DEX

Once your Polkadot wallet is connected, you can make swaps (Swap page) and add/remove liquidity on the Pools page, similar to how it works on the Ethereum network.
You need to have CGT in your wallet on the Curio Parachain network to pay the transaction's gas fee.