How to create and connect the wallet to Curio Parachain

This guide shows you how to create and connect a wallet to Curio Parachain.

1. Install Polkadot JS Extension

You will need Chrome, Brave, or Firefox browsers. You also need to install the Polkadot JS browser extension. Open the link below in your browser and install it.

For Google Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers like Brave):

For Firefox:

2. Open Polkadot JS apps for Curio parachain

Open the link in your browser and allow access to Polkadot JS Extension in the browser extension window that opens.

3. Update metadata for Polkadot JS Extension

Go to Settings > Metadata ( and click “Update metadata” if there is a notice about “upgradable extensions”.

Then, confirm the receipt of metadata from Curio Parachain into the browser extension.

4. Create a new wallet or import the existing Substrate wallet in Polkadot JS Extension

Open Polkadot JS Extension. You can click “Open extension in new window” on the Settings icon for convenience when creating a wallet. The browser extension will open in a new browser tab.

Next, you can generate a new wallet or import an existing one.

Create a new account

A seed phrase will be generated for you, which must be saved safely and not lost. The phrase gives full access to your account and funds on it. Next, you need to select network "Curio", set any desired name for the account, and password. Click “Add the account with the generated seed” and your new wallet will be created.

Use an existing account

You can use your existing account by clicking "Import account with pre-existing seed" (when you have a wallet mnemonic phrase). Enter your seed phrase, select the network "Curio", the name of your account and password. Enter a password for the account and click Next. Click on "Add the account with the supplied seed".

Your account should appear in the Polkadot JS browser extension.

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