How to unlock unstaked tokens

This guide shows you how to unlock unstaked tokens on Curio Parachain.

Before you can unlock your previously staked tokens, you have to wait 7 days (in block time).


If you have unstaked amounts, then you can view their locking status as follows: go to Developer -> Chain state -> Storage, then select parachainStaking -> unstaking, select your account and click +. You will see a list of unstaked amounts and the blocks on which each amount will be unlocked.

In the Polkadot JS Apps ( go to Developer -> Extrinsics -> Submission.

  1. Select any account with enough balance to cover the transaction fee, which is around 0.005 CGT (using the selected account field)

  2. Select the appropriate extrinsic: parachainStaking -> unlockUnstaked(target)

  3. Select the Id option (the MultiAddress (LookupSource) field)

  4. Select the Curio Parachain address you delegated from (the Id: AccountId field)

  5. Sign and submit the extrinsic (the Submit Transaction button)


Even if you have not exited, reduced or removed your delegation, you can still have unstaked tokens. This can happen if either of the following events occurred

  • You were kicked out of your collator candidate's delegation pool because all current delegators have a higher stake

  • Your collator candidate intentionally left the collator pool.

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